1. 1. Common Test the result of the test is an absolute score which form the basis for multiple job opportunities. Not all job require top scorers and there are jobs for all

  2. Common Test ensures equal job opportunities, there is no percentage criteria or college criteria, only criteria is your test score

  3. Job profiles are available across industry sectors – IT, ITeS, Pharma, Retail, Manufacturing, Finance etc.

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The Common Test is a computer adaptive test that tests job applicants on crucial areas such as communication abilities, logical thinking, quantitative skills and task-specific domain skills, thus helping recruiters determine a candidate’s suitability.
Whereas most aptitude assessments only assess the verbal comprehension and reasoning capacities of a test taker, the Common Test further measures personality characteristics and domain skills, thereby being an perfect test for applicants to fit employment.
Common Test also helps post the test match applicants with appropriate jobs based on their test results.

The detailed feedback report from Common Test helps you recognise your strong and weak areas so you can work to develop in areas highlighted or apply for unique industries / jobs where your strengths are best suited.

The Common Test is increasingly emerging as an industry benchmark, using it as a compulsory evaluation method for entry level positions across 700 + businesses. We work alongside leading industry names such as Accenture, Snapdeal, Axis Bank, Tata Motors, ITC and many more. Our customer list includes various sectors such as IT Retail , Banking & Financial Services, Automobile, Telecom etc.

Apart from industry, leading job search services recognise the Common Test test as a certificate of employability.