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Welcome Candidate, Please follow simple instructions during test.


  • No unfair means will allowed for answering question, test system is equipped with method for detecting already open answer solving sheets, or any other systems.
  • Test duration is for 1 hour, time will start only after you click “start Quiz” button.
  • All questions will be provided with multiple choice, you have to select correct answer. Read question carefully.
  • All questions carry equal marks, and there is no negative marking.
  • All questions answered will be marked “Green”, you can change your marked option, or can skip question by clicking “Next” button.
  • If you are unsure about answer of a question, you can use “review” button to mark question, so you can easily find question to be answered later.
  • You can use “Quiz Summary” button to get all question numbers available with all question answered by you will be marked “Green” and question you selected to answer later will be marked as “Yellow”
  • You can use “Back” button to go back to last question.
  • “FINISH QUIZ” button will end the test, all your answered questions will be submitted automatically and your score will be shown instantly, an also will be mailed to your provided email address.
  • Test once finished can not be reopened in any case. So be careful to not click “Finish Quiz” button accidentally.
  • All successful candidates will be be called according to merit list.